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History of Dr. Mitch Freeman:
Educational and Personal background Information of Dr. Mitch Freeman.

Dr. Mitch Freeman

Photo of Dr. Mitch Freeman Education:
* Al-Mustansiriyah University College of Medicine:
* Saginaw Family Medicine Residency Program:
* Board Certified Family Medicine:

Affiliations Include:
* American Academy of Family Physicians
* Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
* American Medical Association
* Yuma County Medical Society
* Board member at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Mitch Freeman MD, moved from Saginaw, Michigan to Yuma, Arizona in August,1999 after finishing three years of residency training in Family Medicine. He became a Board-certified Family Physician in 1999. For the next five years, Dr. Freeman worked at the Urgent Care and Emergency Department of Yuma Regional Medical Center. Dr. Freeman met a lot of fine people during those five years and decided to establish his private practice in Yuma, Arizona in May, 2004. He loves the warmth of the people and the sunny climate in Yuma which remind him of his childhood home.

Dr. Freeman was born in1966, in Basra, Iraq. He grew up in a large, happy family of four boys and two girls. While he was in high school, his father developed leukemia. It was frustrating to watch a loved one struggle with cancer. Mitch decided to study medicine so that he could help his family and friends receive top quality medical care. He attended the finest medical schools in Baghdad, Iraq and earned his Medical Degree in 1990 at Al-Mustansiriyah University, where all courses were given in English based on the British medical school curriculum.

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When Mitch was 19 years old his father died of leukemia complications. He had to leave medical school for one year to run the family candy business supporting his widowed mother and five siblings. Mitch returned to finish medical school while still managing the family business. After earning his Medical Degree in 1990, Dr. Freeman began work as a resident physician in Baghdad. However, during the time of the Desert Storm Gulf War, his life and the lives of his family were threatened by Saddam Hussein's regime.

In April, 1991, Dr. Freeman, along with his widowed mother, three brothers, and two sisters, fled from Iraq. The whole family left everything they owned. They escaped to live for the next 20 months in tents in a desert refugee camp on the border of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Dr. Freeman helped establish an emergency clinic at the refugee camp in Rafha. Later, Dr. Freeman traveled to Amman, Jordan and volunteered there as a physician intern for 8 months. Then he managed to travel to Vienna, Austria where he lived with other refugees. In March, 1994, he was able to legally enter the United States of America as a refugee. He became a United States citizen in August, 2000. He is very grateful that he was able to bring his mother, brothers and sisters with him to Michigan as refugees and that his family are all now citizens of the United States. Dr. Freeman helped his younger brothers and sister complete their college education here. His younger brother, Alex Freeman completed dental school at the University of Las Vegas and moved to Yuma where he opened his own practice (Alex Freeman, D.M.D.) located in the ProMed Building, 2270 S. Ridgeview Drive Suite #204. His youngest sister, Fatin Aljaberi, works as a dental hygienist in Phoenix. His youngest brother, Sam Adam Freeman, earned a college degree in biology at Arizona State University and now works as a consultant at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The Freeman family's story, photos and video are featured in the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

Dr. Freeman passed his American Medical Board exam the first time with a score higher than that of the average American medical school graduate.

He met his wife Heather, a physical therapist, while they were both working at Yuma Regional Medical Center in 2004. Heather was born in San Francisco, California; she grew up in Tennessee and completed her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Dr. Mitch Freeman, wife Heather and son AymenMitch and Heather are the proud parents of Aymen Gabriel Freeman, born August 2007 and Aycer Samuel Freeman and Faith Amel Freeman (photo's not shown).

Dr. Freeman has special interest in treating urgent medical conditions. He also has a good deal of experience treating chronic lower back pain without narcotics; prostate infection that is commonly overlooked; chronic headache; controlling diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol; and counseling patients to help them lose weight with life style modifications. Dr. Freeman is frequently quoted as an expert resource on various medical issues in the Yuma Sun newspaper and in local radio and television media.

Dr. Freeman enjoys exercising, running, martial arts, target shooting and gardening. He especially enjoys cultivating roses and growing date palm trees. He has a brown belt in Karate. He relishes the latest technical gadgets, electronics, digital equipment and computer accessories. He and his wife Heather enjoy vacationing in Europe and Hawaii and camping in the backyard.

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