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Patient Reviews of Dr. Mitch Freeman.

Top 10 Doctor Awarded to Dr. Mitch Freeman:
Dr. Mitch Freeman is recognized by as the Top 10 Doctor in the state of Arizona for 2015 and the Top 1% of the nation's 870,000 active Doctors. Award & Letter of Achievement:
The award and letter was presented by: Erika Boyer, Vice President, Consumer Research for Vitals.

Dr. Mitch Freeman received award for the Top 10 Doctors in the state of Arizona for the past 5 yearsTo Dr. Freeman:

Congratulations! You've been recognized as a Vitals Top 10 Doctor in your state for the past 5 years.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients provide Online feedback about their doctor visits. Patients write about their experience and rate their doctor on several components of care, including bedside manner, doctor-patient face time, and degree of follow-up. Patients also provide an overall rating.

Vitals has analyzed these patient-provided ratings to identify those physicians within a certain specialty and location who are rated the highest by their patients and stand out for their extraordinary care.

Of the nation's 870,000 active doctors, you are among the top 1% who have received this honor from your patients.

Vitals Top 10 Doctor is part of the Vitals Awards & Recognition Program, based on collective patient ratings and reviews of their doctors. You are now among those physicians so highly regarded that your patients feel the need share their positive experience with others.

We commend you for the exceptional care you've provided your patients. In an effort to aid patients in their search for top-quality care, we've set you apart from your competition by adding the Vitals Top 10 Doctor recognition to your Vitals profile. We invite you to view your Vitals profile Online. You can also enhance your profile by creating an account - free of charge. Feel free to personally thank those patients who publicly praised your care by responding to your reviews too.

Again, congratulations on this distinctive achievement!

Erika Boyer
Vice President, Consumer Research

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If you would like to send a review regarding your visit with Dr. Freeman and Freeman VIP Medical Clinic directly to, please Click Here. Dr. Freeman personally reads all reviews and comments emailed directly to Your Medical Care is extremely important to us, as is your thoughts regarding the Health Care we provided for you and your Family.

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